Welcome to Lugar Plaza




Plaza Features

Iconography at Lugar Plaza:

  • A permanent installation by ProjectOne Studio called “Alloy,” representing Indianapolis' Sister City relationships.

  • Six granite spires rising five stories high

More features:

  1. Splash pad [SUMMER HOURS: 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily]

  2. Leisure swings

  3. Moveable bistro tables and chairs

  4. Bike racks

  5. Free public wireless internet

  6. Sound system

  7. Event lawn with capacity for 1,500 people


Plaza Map

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Lugar Plaza is across the street from the Julia M. Carson Transit Center bus station; IndyGo the perfect way to get to the plaza, along with biking and walking the Indianapolis Cultural Trail that borders Lugar Plaza’s southern edge. If a car is your ride of choice, look for metered parking along Delaware, Washington and Alabama streets. The nearest parking garages are at 145 E. Market and 301 E. Washington St.



General Rules

For the enjoyment and safety of all visitors, please follow these rules and regulations. Help keep Lugar Plaza safe and pleasant for all to enjoy!


  1. Enjoy Lugar Plaza

  2. Swing on a swing

  3. Picnic

  4. Enjoy the lawns

  5. Use the free WiFi

  6. Throw recyclables in the recycle bins

  7. Bring your dog (on a leash)

  8. Pick up pet waste

  9. Walk your bike through Lugar Plaza

  10. Prevent children from playing on the trail or in the street

  11. Keep walkways clear

  12. Ask a security guard for help


  1. Cycle, skate, scooter, rollerblade, or skateboard within the plaza

  2. Smoke, vape or consume alcohol except in designated areas

  3. Leave trash, including cigar or cigarette butts

  4. Damage property, Affix signage without permission

  5. Have a fire, flame or fireworks

  6. Sleep, camp overnight, or cook

  7. Sell goods or services without a license and manager authorization

Block building entrances or exits or otherwise obstruct any foot traffic

Splash Pad Rules

PLEASE ENJOY THE SPLASH PAD... but help keep it safe and sanitary for all:


  2. Please supervise your child(ren)

  3. Children who are not toilet-trained must wear a swim diaper

  4. Change diapers in the restroom

  5. Don’t drink the water

  6. Keep pets out

  7. Don’t play in the pad if you are sick

  8. Be mindful of others, and be careful